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Several operation technique in the incubation
2013-12-06 17:53:02
In the operation technician of incubators, some steps are controlled by instrument, but it needs to be revised in advance, for example, the control of temperature and humidity, the timing operation of egg turning. The operation is a careful work.
(1) egg candling
It is conducted in the dark place by a candler, in the process, it should be stable, precise, and quick, and the time should be shortened as possible. If possible, it can raise the temperature outside the room, and all the process should be done within half and hour. Within the incubation period, the egg candling should be done 2-3 times. According to the process, the infertile eggs, weak  sperm eggs or dead embryo eggs should be sorted out in time. This is important to maintain the air condition, and be helpful to the development of embryo.
(2) egg traying
The hatching eggs should be removed to the hatching machine after the 25 days of incubation, and this process is called egg traying. When this process is done, the action should be light and quick, to prevent the crash of the eggshell, if possible, the temperature of the room should be raised. The hatching machine should be processed with disinfection and warming. The hatching eggs moved to the hatching machine shouldn't be processed with egg turning. When 1%-2% of eggs in which chicks are about to come out, the egg traying should be conducted.
(3) watering eggs
After 12 hours of egg traying, the eggs should be watered each 6 hours, and the water temperature is about 40?, with the tool: sprayer.

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