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Review of poultry industry of China
2012-08-28 16:50:07

The intensification of chicken raise in China starts from the end of 70s, 20th century, when government supported farmers in technology and fund in order to improve the living standard of people. At that time, scaled large farms were built in the suburbs of cities, and 10 thousand to 100 thousand of chickens were raised in a farm. In the 80s, many small-scale chicken farmers appeared. On the basis of this, chicken countries develop well, and a world of poultry production base forms, and the main force of China poultry come into true, and then larger farms come onto the stage of the history.
In the past, most farmers raise chicken by hands, and nowadays a lot of egg incubators are used to help them facilitate the process of hatching.
The poultry industry of China will catch up that of in the other countries of the world, and become a large country of poultry industry.

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