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Market for local chicken is optimistic
2013-06-20 12:33:37

Market for local chicken is optimistic - in recent years the general market price of local chicken is generally higher than the broiled chicken raised in the chicken house, local chicken is generally around 24 yuan per kilogram, during the holiday season will be short-term floating. The broiled chicken is only 10 yuan per kilogram, the price difference is more than doubled.
   Local chicken although requires more than four months to breed, but feed costs is less than the broiled chicken, local chicken stocking when foraging grass, insects, berries, etc., saving the cost of feed, each grown local chicken has generally 20 yuan of profits, and no worry about sales. With the hot market for local chicken, eggs thereof also worths double, the former price is 0.4 yuan -0.5 yuan/piece, now rise to 0.9 yuan -1 yuan/piece.
Duck increase in sales
   In recent years, frequent bird flu around the world, people talk about birds discoloration. Countrywomen say chicken are hot foods, teal belongs to cold food, so people turn to teal food, Beijing duck food gradually increased, duck eggs can be made into salted duck eggs and preserved eggs, thus to bring business opportunities.
White shell eggs favored by consumers
   The recent emergence of a new trend in the egg market, consumers prefer to white shell eggs, mainly because when consumers face the sun to check the eggs, they can eliminate the bad ones, easy to purchase, which makes the price higher than the red shell eggs, but the white shell eggs are generally duck eggs, white shell chicken eggs in a small number.

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