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Application of incubator and protection
2012-09-03 11:20:15

(1) The incubators should be placed on the concrete, and the ground should be smooth, the egg incubator should placed slightly forward (some incubators are placed backward), so as to facilitate the cleaning.


(2) The temperature in the incubation room should be kept among 20-27?, when the temperature is higher than 27? or lower than 20?, air conditioner equipment or other equipment should be considered to be used. The temperature should be kept about 50?. And the room should has good ventilation, the exhaust gas should be guided to the out with a pipe. The incubation room should be processed with usual cleaning, washing, brushing and disinfection.

(3) The incubator after installation should be powered to test, the temperature, the humidity system should be tested, and according to the request, the temperature should be debugged. The overtemperature and lowtemperature alert system should be tested whether there is a fault, and whether the egg turning system is normal. After operation for 1-2 days, all is right, can the incubators be delivered to customers and friends.

(4) In the usage, always pay attention to the thermometer, if there is abnormal, timely check the temperature control system and clear the fault.
(5) As the increasement of the embryonic age, the air inlet port and air outlet port should be appropriately open, in the later stage, all the ports should be open, so as to ensure the demand of the oxygen in the normal development of embryo, but in the early stage, the ports shouldn't be open large, in order to avoid slow heat and power waste.
(6) Take care that whether the angle of the egg turning meets the demand, timing is whether precise, it is better to make the egg turning angle of all the incubators in the same direction, so as to faciliate the management. Each egg turning should be recorded.


(7) Take care that the water box in the temperature control device should be supplied with water all the time, to ensure the request of the humidity in the embryo development.

(8) After each hatching, the incubators or hatchers should be totally washed or disinfected, and check whether there is something wrong with the mechanical parts, the dust, villus and dirty things should be removed from the incubators. The egg incubator should be powered and turned round for some time, after the temperature and humidity is debugged, the next hatching process can go ahead.

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