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  • Welcome Mr. Leonard become our agent in Tanzania

    Welcome Mr. Leonard become our agent in Tanzania, if you are there, please contact him for details of egg incubator [View Details]
  • FAQ of egg incubator

    1. Packing Wooden box. Because the cargo will be took a long time to get to your side, the incubator must be packed very strong to protect the body. 2. Quality We began to manufacture the incubator since 2006. we are the second incubator factory at that time. We have eight years experience in this field. I can not say we are the best, but we want to be better. If you have any good suggestions, please tell us, we will improve it. I often receive some reply from our customers, they ask why your incubator is more expensive than other. I just told them because of the quality, we want to supply you the high quality incubator. Please believe the higher the price, the better the quality” In China, even the local persons don’t buy the very low price good, because they know low quality and no service. 3. spare parts along with the incubator. We will give you some spare parts along with the incubator for free. Like: heating tube, humidity tube, limited switches, egg turning motor and so on. Although the gurantee is one year, but you are far away from us, so if possible, you can buy some spare parts. 4. Can your egg incubator hatching rare reptile eggs? Of course. We have many kind of egg tray, like: chicken, duck, goose, quail, peacock, ostrich and so on. 5.How long will your egg incubator working? The egg incubator life span is 8-10 years. 6. What should we do if there have problems during using? We have 1 year guarantee. Any problems you have, Welcome email or call me! We will provide our best professional service for you. FAQ in the hatching 1. the temperature is too hight all the time. A} take apart of the controller, please check if the wire for NO.1, NO. 2 and NO. 3 is ok. B} ambient temperature. Please be sure the ambient temperature can not be above 30c, or it is bad for heat dissipation. C} Close one heating tube, normally, there are two heating tube, if your side in very hot, you can close one heating tube. D} open the ventilation hole. E} please check if the water in the tank is hot. Normally, the water should be warm, if it is too hot, it can generate heat, so the temperature will be higher. If yes, please pour the cool water. 2. The heating tube doesn’t work . A} take apart of the controller, change the wire 23 to 21, change the wire 24 to 22. B} If you operate accoding to A, but it still doesn’t work, please check the heating tube, if not, please change a new heating tube, if the heating tube is good, there may be something wrong with the controller, you need to change a new controller. 3. low temperature. hold the temperature sensor in the hand, please check if the figure on the controller is changed. If yes, please check the heating tube. 4. some customer asked me why the chicken died in the shell after 18 days. There are two reasons. a) please check if you opened all the ventilation hole, because the chicken in this period need much oxygen, they may die because of the oxygen deficit. b) The humidity. You need to set the humidity higher than before in this period, it is easy for chicken to break the shell, or you may spray some water on the shell. [View Details]
  • Several operation technique in the incubation

    In the operation technician of incubators, some steps are controlled by instrument, but it needs to be revised in advance, for example, the control of temperature and humidity, the timing operation of egg turning. The operation is a careful work. (1) egg candling It is conducted in the dark place by a candler, in the process, it should be stable, precise, and quick, and the time should be shortened as possible. If possible, it can raise the temperature outside the room, and all the process should be done within half and hour. Within the incubation period, the egg candling should be done 2-3 times. According to the process, the infertile eggs, weak sperm eggs or dead embryo eggs should be sorted out in time. This is important to maintain the air condition, and be helpful to the development of embryo. (2) egg traying ??The hatching eggs should be removed to the hatching machine after the 25 days of incubation, and this process is called egg traying. When this process is done, the action should be light and quick, to prevent the crash of the eggshell, if possible, the temperature of the room should be raised. The hatching machine should be processed with disinfection and warming. The hatching eggs moved to the hatching machine shouldn't be processed with egg turning. When 1%-2% of eggs in which chicks are about to come out, the egg traying should be conducted. (3) watering eggs After 12 hours of egg traying, the eggs should be watered each 6 hours, and the water temperature is about 40?, with the tool: sprayer. [View Details]
  • How to control temperature in the incubator

    East Glory Industrial Co., Ltd has established the wide business relationship with customers in more the 10 countries, while serving the poultry farmers, it also learned a lot of improvement suggestions from farmers, which is very helpful to the sustainable development of our company. If humidity is too high, it will block the evaporation of the liquid in the chick embryo allantois, and the problems like a bay window chicks, heavy and dull chicks will happen. If humidity is too low, the water in the egg will over-evaporate, which will cause the skinny chicks, as well as small chicks. Thence, it is necessary to master the proper humidity. In the room with humidity higher than 70%, 3/4 or 2/3 of the water should be kept in the water tray in the egg incubator, if in the cold weather, warm water will be kept in the water tray, if hot weather, cold water will be kept in the water tray. And in the dry area, the area of the water tray should be kept enlarged to increase the evaporation capacity. Both humidity and temperature has a big influence on the hatchability. [View Details]
  • Egg candling in the hatching process

    In the hatching process, generally the chicken eggs are often processed with 3 times of egg candling.??On the fifth day of the hatching, the egg candling is conducted to check whether there is infertile eggs, weak sperm eggs, and dead sperm eggs.??The description of the first candling: the embryo and the stretching yolk sac blood vessel are like spider, commonly known as tiny spider, and the blood vessel stretches around 1/3 of the eggs.??The second egg candling is conducted on the fifteenth day of the hatching, to check whether there is seal on the eggs, get rid of the dead sperm egg, and according to the development state, the time and temperature will be confirmed.??How to conduct egg candling:??The third time of egg candling is conducted on the 18th days in the hatching, to get rid of the dead sperm egg, calculate the result of the hatching. [View Details]
  • Market for local chicken is optimistic

    Market for local chicken is optimistic - in recent years the general market price of local chicken is generally higher than the broiled chicken raised in the chicken house, local chicken is generally around 24 yuan per kilogram, during the holiday season will be short-term floating. The broiled chicken is only 10 yuan per kilogram, the price difference is more than doubled.    Local chicken although requires more than four months to breed, but feed costs is less than the broiled chicken, local chicken stocking when foraging grass, insects, berries, etc., saving the cost of feed, each grown local chicken has generally 20 yuan of profits, and no worry about sales. With the hot market for local chicken, eggs thereof also worths double, the former price is 0.4 yuan -0.5 yuan/piece, now rise to 0.9 yuan -1 yuan/piece. Duck increase in sales    In recent years, frequent bird flu around the world, people talk about birds discoloration. Countrywomen say chicken are hot foods, teal belongs to cold food, so people turn to teal food, Beijing duck food gradually increased, duck eggs can be made into salted duck eggs and preserved eggs, thus to bring business opportunities. White shell eggs favored by consumers    The recent emergence of a new trend in the egg market, consumers prefer to white shell eggs, mainly because when consumers face the sun to check the eggs, they can eliminate the bad ones, easy to purchase, which makes the price higher than the red shell eggs, but the white shell eggs are generally duck eggs, white shell chicken eggs in a small number. [View Details]
  • How to control the temperature of incubator in summer

    The summer is coming, and there are some technology operation problem in the incubation. How to control the temperature of incubator in spring? In summer, the higher of the temperature in the incubator, the faster the embryo grows, and thence the hatchability rate rises; if low temperature, the embryo grows slowly, and the hatchability rate drops. According to the test, at 37.8?, the chicks come out of the eggs on the 21th days, and the hatchability rate reaches the top; at 38.5?, only 20 days, the chicks can come out of the eggs; if 39.5?, it only needs 19 days, but the chicks are light in weight, with low hatchability; if 35.5?, the chicks will come out of the eggs on the 24th days, and most died in the eggshells. In summer, in the hatching period of the egg incubator, the overtop or too low temperature, or sometimes high sometimes low temperature will cause the weak chicks increase, and the healthy chicks rate will drop. Thence, in summer, the usual communication with the incubation equipment company should be kept, grasp the incubation technology, and control the temperature of the incubators in hatching, and improve the economic effect of the incubator by increasing the hatching rate. [View Details]
  • How to choose hatching eggs

    The incubation effect is decided by many factors, and before hatching, choosing hatching eggs appropriately is the direct factor to influence the hatchability. Choosing the hatching eggs accord with standard is not only the key factor to decide the high or low hatching rate, but also has a major influence on the quality of chicks, the survival rate of the chick and production performance of eggs. Therefore, before hatching, the hatching eggs should be proceeded with the strict choice according to kinds of requirements as belows, so how to choose hatching eggs? [View Details]
  • The analysis of peacock breeding

    Summary of peacock: Peacock is a modern rare bird with values of ornament, edible and medicine. There are blue peacock and green peacock, which are both praised in the history of human, from the ancient to the present time. The peacock has values of edible and medicine, with all the body is treasure. As peacocks are bred in a large scale, more and more people can eat the meat of the peacock, which is of high nutritional edible value. The meat of peacock is delicious, high protein and low fat, thence it is called healthy food. [View Details]
  • How to purchase egg incubator

    As for the specialized households of poultry farms, the choice of the incubators is crucial to improve the Reproductive benefits. The following suggestions should be taken into consideration: [View Details]


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