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  • Preparation before hatching

    1. The incubation room should be disinfected a week before the hatching time. 2. Before installation, the ground should be kept level, and for the eggs, they should be well chosen before hatching by means of observation from outside of the eggs, egg candling and check. 3. A week before hatching, the system should be checked whether they are fixed; each electrical system has right and reliable connection. Each corner of the incubation room should be cleared, and be fumigated and disinfected by potassium permanganate and formaldehyde. 4. The egg tray frame should be checked whether they are fixed, if any problem, fix them in time. 5. After the testing of the egg incubation, if all is ok, then the eggs can be hatched. [View Details]
  • Application of incubator and protection

    (1) The incubators should be placed on the concrete, and the ground should be smooth, the egg incubator should placed slightly forward (some incubators are placed backward), so as to facilitate the cleaning. ??(2) The temperature in the incubation room should be kept among 20-27?, when the temperature is higher than 27? or lower than 20?, air conditioner equipment or other equipment should be considered to be used. The temperature should be kept about 50?. And the room should has good ventilation, the exhaust gas should be guided to the out with a pipe. The incubation room should be processed with usual cleaning, washing, brushing and disinfection. ??(3) The incubator after installation should be powered to test, the temperature, the humidity system should be tested, and according to the request, the temperature should be debugged. The overtemperature and lowtemperature alert system should be tested whether there is a fault, and whether the egg turning system is normal. After operation for 1-2 days, all is right, can the incubators be delivered to customers and friends. ??(4) In the usage, always pay attention to the thermometer, if there is abnormal, timely check the temperature control system and clear the fault. (5) As the increasement of the embryonic age, the air inlet port and air outlet port should be appropriately open, in the later stage, all the ports should be open, so as to ensure the demand of the oxygen in the normal development of embryo, but in the early stage, the ports shouldn't be open large, in order to avoid slow heat and power waste. ?? ??(6) Take care that whether the angle of the egg turning meets the demand, timing is whether precise, it is better to make the egg turning angle of all the incubators in the same direction, so as to faciliate the management. Each egg turning should be recorded. ?(7) Take care that the water box in the temperature control device should be supplied with water all the time, to ensure the request of the humidity in the embryo development. ??(8) After each hatching, the incubators or hatchers should be totally washed or disinfected, and check whether there is something wrong with the mechanical parts, the dust, villus and dirty things should be removed from the incubators. The egg incubator should be powered and turned round for some time, after the temperature and humidity is debugged, the next hatching process can go ahead. [View Details]
  • The analysis of egg industry

    The most common species of egg in the world nowadays: There are three big groups on the earth whose business is breeding and hatching eggs: Lohmann in German, composed of Lohmann, Hy-line, and H&N branch companies: Hubbard/ISA in France, composed of ISA, Shaver, Babcock and Hubbard branch companies; Hendrix in Netherlands, composed of Hisex, Bovans, and Dekalb branch companies. However, there are many blooming companies of egg incubator and eggs incubator, chicken egg incubator, like East Glory Co., Ltd, and we are striving to offer the excellent quality and competitive price to customers and friends. It will be our honour if we can cooperate with you. [View Details]
  • The working principle of egg incubator

    Simply, it is a thermostat, which keeps the temperature in the incubator to the environment of suiting hatching. With the help of a heating device, a temperature detector, a temperature adjuster, constant temperature circuit, the chicken egg incubator realises the constant and precise temperature. Then after 21 days of hatching, the chicks come out from eggs. [View Details]
  • Review of poultry industry of China

    The intensification of chicken raise in China starts from the end of 70s, 20th century, when government supported farmers in technology and fund in order to improve the living standard of people. At that time, scaled large farms were built in the suburbs of cities, and 10 thousand to 100 thousand of chickens were raised in a farm. In the 80s, many small-scale chicken farmers appeared. On the basis of this, chicken countries develop well, and a world of poultry production base forms, and the main force of China poultry come into true, and then larger farms come onto the stage of the history. In the past, most farmers raise chicken by hands, and nowadays a lot of egg incubators are used to help them facilitate the process of hatching. The poultry industry of China will catch up that of in the other countries of the world, and become a large country of poultry industry. [View Details]
  • Continuous development of poultry in China

    The poultry industry is the pillar one in animal husbandry of China, and is the industry of large scale and high-degree intensification which close to the international advanced level. The raising products of poultry industry has a large family, including chicken, duck, turkey, quail, pigeon and others. Recent years, the poultry industry of China develops fast, and the comprehensive production capacity of poultry industry strengths obviously, and have become the main source of farmers' incoming. And the poultry products are well popular. Thence, the demand of egg incubators is increasing, more and more people creat big profits by using the incubator. [View Details]
  • Introduction of incubator

    The Automatic Incubators are made of color steel plate and aluminum material. Pairs of dual-temperature control, it can control temperature strongly Automation: Automatic egg-turning, automatic temperature control, humidity control, super-wet, low temperature alarm, it can hatch many different kinds of eggs. Any kinds of eggs can be hatched (just using different egg trays), and it can hatch time by time. The incubator and hatching is also one machine (the incubator is on top and hatching is below). It can use both coal and electricity as power, using the electric power when there is, using coal or gas power when there is no electric power to control temperature. Incubator system work is independent of the two sets, normally time a system is used, and the other is a backup system, even in the hatching process a failure happens, you can turn on the backup system, in this way, the normal incubation will be not affected. Incubator will be in good installation, debugging before delivering to you. The egg tray, hatching baskets, all the detailed instructions, all chicken hatched technical books, and CD-ROM about technology incubator will be sent to you with the incubators. Main Technical Factors: Precision of humidity control: 5%RH Output current: temperature control and low temperature in 10A; others in 1A Turn period: 0.1~99.9 hours with adjustable. (Default value is 1.5 hours) Duration of turning: 1~255 seconds with adjustable. (Default value is 180 seconds) [View Details]


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