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Pigeon drinker

Product Abstract:

Specifications plastic poultry feeder and drinker capacity is from 1kg to 10kg, material is PP we have our own factroy producing incubator, also we can provide feeder,drinker,plucker, hencoop and other poultry related products plastic poultry feeder and drinker Poultry Feeder and drinker for baby animal: chicken, duck,goose,pigeon,etc New Material PP. it's solid Capacity: 1KG to 10KG This feeder is easy to clean, you can hang it or put it on the floor to feed the poultry chicks and chicken. different size to choose, choose the size actual feeding need and contact with me.

Product Description

plastic poultry feeder and drinker 
capacity is from 1kg to 10kg, 
material is PP

we have our own factroy producing incubator,
also we can provide feeder,drinker,plucker, hencoop and other poultry related products
plastic poultry feeder and drinker  
Poultry Feeder  and drinker for baby animal: chicken, duck,goose,pigeon,etc
New Material PP. it's solid
Capacity: 1KG to 10KG
This feeder is easy to clean, you can hang it or put it on the floor to feed the poultry chicks and chicken.
different size to choose,  choose the size actual feeding need and contact with me.
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