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Product Abstract:

Model: E 60 Capacity: 80 pigeon eggs, 70 pheasant eggs, 60 chicken eggs, 50 duck eggs, and 30 geese eggs, Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz/60Hz, Power: 80W, semi-automatic. Size: 45cm*45cm*23cm Precision of temperature control: ?0.1?

Product Description

Brief introduction:

The incubator&small incubator is available in raising chickens, ducks and goose in the house, which is produced according to the test requirement of the CE technology standard, and it is of strong practicability, easy operation, long service life and other characteristics.

When the incubator is taken out from the packing, please read the instruction carefully, and abide by the operation and the statement.


Don’t leave the egg incubator in the open air, rain or damp places. The incubator is of constant temperature, all the parameters are detected by the factory. Users are not allowed to adjust the parameter, make any change or make change on the operation instruction, which may cause the machine not work or make damage to the users (adjustable within 35-40 degrees centigrade).

Source: alternating current 220-240V/50Hz, with power less than 115W.

Make sure the source socket is not overloaded or be sure that the socket and the plug are in good contact.

The choice of eggs:

The eggs to be hatched should be normal, the eggs of bad condition are not allowed, meanwhile, the chosen eggs should be clean.

The required eggs should be embryonated ones.

The eggs should be fresh, the chicken and duck eggs should be within 7 days, and the goose eggs should be within 10 days, if the long preservation, the hatchability will be influenced.

The 24 hours before the hatching, the eggs should be in the environment with room temperature being 15 to 30 degrees centigrade.

The egg incubator has the maximum hatching quantity, with the total weight not more than 2.25kg.

The maximum capacity: 80 pigeon eggs, 70 pheasant eggs, 60 chicken eggs, 50 duck eggs, and 30 geese eggs.

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