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Incubator eggs

Product Abstract:

Model: E352, incubators for sale, Structure: color steel plate and aluminum material, All-in-one machine with reliable and precise temperature and humidity control, Vent system: scientific and cyclic, Voltage: 200V, Power: 200W, Capacity: 352 chicken eggs, 252 duck eggs, 128 goose eggs, Net size: 0.7*0.6*1.1m

Product Description

Name: Small incubators&egg incubator

Main Technical Factors:
Precision of humidity control: ±5%RH
Output current: temperature control and low temperature in 10A; others in 1A
Turn period: 0.1~99.9 hours with adjustable. (Default value is 1.5 hours)
Duration of turning: 1~255 seconds with adjustable. (Default value is 180 seconds)


Digital display

Automatic temperature control, alarm, egg turning, even temperature and temperature control

Power source: multi-sources, including electricity, coal, oil, natural gas.

It is our pleasure to cooperate with you on the excellent egg incubators, my friend.

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