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Incubator 528 egg capacity

Product Abstract:

Egg incubator, Capacity: 528 chicken eggs, Voltage: 220V, Power: 200W, Net size: 0.93*0.65*1.1m, Net volume: 0.66cbm, Precision of temperature control: 0.1, Usage: chicken, duck, goose, quail, turkey, etc, total more than 10 kinds of eggs, Package: 1 unit/carton/wooden box, Hatchability: about 95%, Application: farm and home, MOQ: 1 unit, with dual humidity and temperature control system

Product Description

Egg incubator


This automatic incubator and small incubator is convenient for you:

Capacity: 528 chicken eggs, 378 duck eggs, 192 goose eggs

Temperature&humidity control: microcomputer,

Usage: more than 10 kinds of eggs,

Package: 1 unit/carton/wooden box

It is our new type, with dual humidity and temperature control system


Unbeatable price

Excellent quality

Directly from incubator factory

1 year guaranty and at least 10-year service life

 Main Technical Factors:

Precision of humidity control: ±5%RH
Output current: temperature control and low temperature in 10A; others in 1A
Turn period: 0.1~99.9 hours with adjustable. (Default value is 1.5 hours)
Duration of turning: 1~255 seconds with adjustable. (Default value is 180 seconds)


Digital display

Automatic temperature control, alarm, egg turning, even temperature and temperature control

Power source: multi-sources, including electricity, coal, oil, natural gas.

The Fully Automatic Incubators are made of color steel plate and aluminum material. Pairs of dual-temperature control, it can control temperature strongly
Automation: Automatic egg-turning, automatic temperature control, humidity control, super-wet, low temperature alarm, it can hatch more than 10 kinds of different eggs, just by using different egg trays. The incubator is all-in-one machine,  and all you need to do is place the eggs in the incubator, power it, then after the incubation period of 21 days, the chicks come out in front of you.

Amazing power system: Different from other common incubators, our incubators are multi-functional, they can use coal, natural gas, oil and electricity as power, using coal, natural gas or oil as power when there is no electricity to control temperature. Incubator system depends on two sets, normally a system is used, and the other is a backup system, this means even when hatching, a failure happens, you can turn on the backup system, in this way, the normal incubation works without influence.

It is our pleasure to cooperate with you, my friend, please keep free to contact me, thanks.

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