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Egg incubators

Product Abstract:

Mini incubator, Model: E2, Capacity: 2 chicken eggs, Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz, Power: 80W, fully automatic, Precision of temperature control: 0.1, Shape: toy

Product Description

Egg incubators&mini incubator


This is a new concept of science, education and intelligent toy, which can hatch small bird animals like chickens, ducks, geese, quail and parrot by adjusting temperature, date, ventilation, and humidity. A small incubator, mini incubator, or baby incubator is made into toy shape.

The lab incubator, microbiological incubator, or automatic incubator makes itself as the whole new concept of toy by the interest value, cultural orientation, emotionality and curiosity.

Toy concept:

Interest value: the feeling to hatch a life and raise the life to grow up by the hands of the customers, which will bring the unprecedented joy to many customers.

Culture orientation: The necessary environment and condition for the growth of a life can learned in the process of hatching and raising the bird animals, which can make a person directly know the biological science knowledge.

Emotionality: When the bird animal comes out from shells, it will firmly believe the first one person or animal is its mother, follow around. The natural instincts will make people release love, and have a real emotion with animals.

Curiosity: When you color the egg shell, the chicken will be that color, because the pigment on the egg shell has already been absorbed when hatching--------------this is a magical pet DIY experience.

The toy incubator can let children know the whole process of the egg to chicks, and they can make a life by their own hands. This toy incubator doesn’t only satisfy the children’s curiosity, thirst for knowledge, but also cultivate child’s love, which makes children more close to and love nature.

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